Environmental Programme #goECO

Environmental Programme of Nafplio Marathon 2019!

Announcement of actions.

On Wednesday, 30/01/2019, the collected sport shoes from the program “Let them run again” of the Nafplion Marathon 2018 were delivered to the Penal and Rural Prisons of Nafplion!

The Organizing Committee sends its warmest thanks to all racers who have offered their sports shoes for re-use to our fellow humans in need!

Moreover, the environmental actions of Nafplion Marathon 2019 were announced:

  • Program ‘Let them run again’- sports shoes reuse activity
  • Program of Recycling the plastic bottles produced on the day of the Event
  • Distribution of reusable backpack to all participating runners


The program of sports shoes reuse activity ‘LET THEM RUN AGAIN FOR A GOOD CAUSE’ collects shoes that are forgotten in a box or on a shelf at our home and distribute them for reuse to our fellow humans, who need them not only for sports but also in their everyday lives.

*The program is under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC).

The collection of sports’ shoes will take place during the operation of the registration center and at the information desk of the race.

The program of Recycling the plastic bottles produced during the races will take place will take place on Sunday 3 of March by placing recycling bins along the races’ course and near the refreshment stations as well as the Start/Finish area of the race for the plastic bottles used by the runners. Volunteers will participate in the collection of plastic bottles. The collected amount of plastic will be promoted for final separation and recycling.

Watch out for the recycling bins and protect the natural aquatic and terrestrial track of Nafplion!

The environmental actions take place in co-operation with the NGO/NPO ‘Institute for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+’.

The NGO/NPO “Institute for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+” is an environmental organization that since 2005 has been active in the field of environmental protection, especially in the field of sport and environment. Its actions promote the United Nations SDGS, 17 goals for the sustainable development

Find out more about the “Institute for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+” and its activity at the following links: http://teamfortheworld.blogspot.gr/ and https://www.facebook.com/teamfortheworld1/

Let’s protect the natural environment and the area hosting the race!

We must highlight that the race passes through environmentally protected scenic areas where nothing should be left behind other than the runners and spectators footprints.

Run the course, Live the experience- Nafplio Marathon 2019-  Go ECO

Press Office


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