Free Pre-Race Cardiac & Orthopedic Test from the Henry Dynan Hospital Center

For another year, a free Cardiac & Pre-competition check-up programme will be carried out by the Doctors and Nursing staff of the “Henry Dunant Hospital Center” for the participants in Marathon and the parallel Races.

Moreover, for first year, the programme will be enriched with orthopedic check.

The cardiology test as well as the orthopedic check will take place on Friday 01 March, 14:00-18:00 and Saturday 02 March, 10:00- 18:00, at the Henry Dynan Hospital Center’s mobile unit, which will be located at Trion Navarchon Square, Nafplio.

Please book your appointment, once you have registered, by calling at 2752-360910, Ms. Venetsanou Menia.

The Organizing Committee will like to thank the Henry Dynan Hospital Center for its social contribution.


Run the course, Live the experience!

Nafplio Marathon 2019


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