Presentation of Nafplio Marathon’s Medical Coverage

The Organizing Committee of Nafplion Marathon sends the warmest congratulations and heartfelt thanks for the excellent cooperation, the unique, excellent and high standard Medical coverage of the Marathon Nafplion 2019.

The following layout of the Medical coverage in numbers, specialties, means and operators demonstrates the high level of the race.

Medical Coverage Presentation:

12 Doctors, 103 Rescuers:

  • Head of Doctor-Coordinator: 1
  • Doctors: 11

In detail:

Organizing Committee: 1 Pathologist / coordinator of health services

Medical Association of Argolida: 1 Paediatrician who is also the President of the Regional Department of Nafplio RED CROSS.

Henry Dynan Hospital Center: 6 doctors (1 Pathologist, 1 Cardiologist, 2 Orthopedists, 1 Surgeon, 1 Anesthesiologist)

EKAB: 1 Anesthesiologist who was in the EKAB Mobile Unit (Head of EKAB of the Nauplio Sector)

KEMX: 2 Military Doctors


  • Rescuers – Nurses: 103

In detail: 56 of RED CROSS- SAMARITANS

14 of RED CROSS- Nursing Departmen

24 of Greek Rescue Team of Argolis (EOD)

8 of the 747 ETMX (Military Rescuers)

4 Ambulances, 3 Motorcycles, 2 Bicycles, 1 mobile medical unit fully equipped

In detail:

  • Motorcycles: 3 (2 of EOD, 1 of RED CROSS)
  • Bicycles: 2 (of RED CROSS)
  • Ambulaces: 4 (2 from the EKAB – one mobile medical unit-

1 of 747 ETMX

1 of Henry Dynan Hospital Center)

  • Mobile medical facility/unit (25 m²) of Henry Dynan Hospital Center
  • Increased alertness of the Cardio Department of Argos Hospital

The organizing committee would like to thanks and warmly congratulate for their excellent work and support:

  • The General Hospital of Argolis
  • The Henry Dynan Hospital Center
  • EKAB
  • The Medical Association of Argolida
  • Red Cross: Samaritans & Nurses
  • The Greek Rescue Team of Argolis
  • 747 ETMX Loutraki (Military Rescuers)
  • The Pharmaceutical Association of Nafplio

The layout was organized and coordinated by Doctor Pathologist Despina Kardara MD, PhD, who has great experience from her participation in the coordination of the Medical Coverage of Athens Authentic Marathon, which the Organizing Committee particularly thank.


Press Office

We are looking forward to welcome you in the 7th Nafplio Marathon

 in 8 of March 2020.


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