Event Timing


Event Timing

Electronic timekeeping

The electronic timekeeping of Halh-Marathon and 5 km, and hence the results, have been undertaken by a specialist timekeeping company. For the timing, equipment by the Dutch company MYLAPS will be used same as in Athens Authentic Marathon.

This technology is the most reliable way of timing races with mass participation and subject to the European Union’s radiation regulations.

Therefore, all participant runners in  the above races must wear the electronic timing chip that they will receive accompanied with their bib number at the Registration Center.

There will be electronic control and timing mats for recording the times.

*2,5 km fun run are without timekeeping.


After the racing events are completed, the unofficial results of the participants are published on the Event’s website. Runners have the right to file an objection within 5 working days.

After 10 working days of the complement of the racing events, the official results of the Event are posted on the website.

The official results of Half-Marathon races are sent to the statistical department of SEGAS and the times achieved by the first 10 athletes’ male & female of the General Category of Marathon & Half Marathon are sent to AIMS where they are published in the quarterly magazine Distance Running.