Programmes & Activities


Programmes & Activities

Educational Programme

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (CHS GR) is a Harvard international Center that unites the humanistic pursuits of the CHS in Washington D.C. with the homeland of Hellenism. The Center’s main mission is to support and promote the Hellenic civilization, and to bring together its scholars.

CHS GR is a supporter of Nafplion Marathon and in the framework of its activities, organizes every year an educational speech on Friday evening, two days before the race.

The Center for Hellenic Studies (Greece), Harvard University is located in the Old Town of Nafplio, right on the sea front, on Philhellene Square and King Otto Street, in Iatrou Building- a three floors neoclassical building.

It is worth a visit!

Cultural Programme

Programme of Visits to Archaeological Sites, Museums and the Historic Center of Nafplio.

Because sports are culture, get to know the archaeological treasures and the monuments of Argolis through the Programme of Visits to Archaeological Sites, Museums and the Historic Center of Nafplio of Nafplio Marathon!

The programme provides a 50% discount on the entrance ticket price as well as free transfer to the archaeological sites and museums that are situated outside the city of Nafplio.

All attendees can participate in the Programme by demonstrate the special Participation Card of the Event. The card is available at the Registration Center.

Our cultural programme includes:

Archaeological Sites & Monuments Museums and Places of Interest
• Mycenae
• Epidaurus
• Tirintha-Dedra-Midea
• Fortress of Palamidi
• Archaeological Museum of Nafplio
• War Museum of Nafplio
• Peloponnesian Folklore Museum
• National Gallery – Nafplio Branch
• ‘Palamidis’ library

Bonus: Get to know the Nafplion Historical Center! Take the train ride or walk with a guided tour guide!

The programme is carried out with the collaboration of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolis and the kind support of KTEL Argolidas S.A.

Detailed information about the programme – departure schedule for the archaeological sites, museum opening hours, entrance fees – can be found here.


Health Activities

Free Pre-Race Cardiac, Orthopedic and Breast Test from the Henry Dunant Hospital Center

For another year, a free Cardiac & Pre-competition check-up programme will be carried out by the Doctors and Nursing staff of the “Henry Dunant Hospital Center” for the participants in Marathon and the parallel Races.

Moreover, for first year, the programme will be enriched with breast check commemorating International Women’s Day.

The Breast test will take place on Friday 06 March, 14:00-18:00 and the cardiology and orthopedic test will take place on Saturday 07 March, 10:00- 18:00, at the Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s mobile unit, which will be located at Trion Navarchon Square, Nafplio.

Breast clinical examination and cardiology & orthopedic examination is a social contribution of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center to the participants of the Nafplio Marathon but also to the citizens of Nafplio.

Please book your appointment, once you have registered, by calling at the Event’s office.

Environmental Programme

Recycling the plastic bottles produced on the day of the Event

The Organizing Committee of Nafplio Marathon announced its environmental commitments in order to contribute to the promote of the environmental awareness as well as to have an effective utilization of the large amount of waste generated on the day of the racing events!

During the races, recycling bins will be placed along the races’ course and near the refreshment stations as well as the Start/Finish area of the race for the plastic bottles used by the runners. Volunteers will participate in the collection of plastic bottles. The collected amount of plastic will be promoted for final separation and recycling.

Watch out for the recycling bins and protect the natural aquatic and terrestrial track of Nafplion.

‘Let them run again’- sports shoes reuse activity

The sports shoes reuse activity ‘LET THEM RUN AGAIN FOR A GOOD CAUSE’ collects shoes that are forgotten in a box or on a shelf at our home and distribute them for reuse to our fellow humans, who need them not only for sports but also in their everyday lives.

The program is under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC).

The collection of sports’ shoes will take place during the operation of the registration center and at the information desk of the race.

The programme takes place in co-operation with the NGO/NPO ‘Institute for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+’.

Let’s protect the natural environment and the area hosting the race! #goECO